Sally Modystach – Director

Healthy Environs’ Director, Sally Modystach, has extensive experience in the community wellbeing and environmental sustainability sectors. She has a particular interest in promoting healthy communities through collaborative action at the local level. More recently, she has developed wellbeing education for integration into workplace safety programs.
Sally holds a Masters in Public Health. Her Masters research assessed regional community health partnership models. She has wide ranging skills in policy development, community consultation, project management and risk assessment. Sally is committed to working with project stakeholders to clearly scope and deliver projects to suit client needs.

Karen Stephens – Principal Consultant

Karen has worked in State and Local Government in SA and NSW in the areas of strategic and urban planning, community development, social planning, environmental management and recreation planning. This experience along with seven years working in the community sector has enabled Karen to develop a unique understanding of the culture across levels of government and community agencies.
Through her experience in coordinating a broad range of projects and community programs she has developed skills in project management, policy development and review, research and evaluation and the ability to deal with sensitive and complex issues.

Caroline Fuentes – Senior Public Health Consultant

Caroline has broad expertise in public and environmental health with over 18 years of international and local experience. She has managed projects across various areas of public health including: water and air quality management and vector disease control. Through her recently completed Master’s Degree in Public Health and work with South Australian Local Government, she has a thorough understanding of the Social Determinants of Health and public health planning.
Motivated by her passion to improve the public health of local communities, Caroline has skills in managing projects involving multiple stakeholders. She is currently undertaking further studies in aged care.

Angela Lafferty – Project Consultant

Angela Lafferty is the Project Coordinator for Time for Wellbeing (a collaborative community health partnership initiative of the Roxby Health Forum, BHP Billiton and Healthy Environs). Angela has experience in community development, mental health services and the delivery of rural health promotion programs. She works closely with locals to support health promotion initiatives in Roxby, Andamooka and the surrounding region.