Our business has 3 service pillars, Community, Health & Environment, and we can deliver integrated strategies and projects across all 3.


Healthy Environs specialises in local governance, partnerships and engagement for driving community wellbeing outcomes. We can assist your organisation with health and wellbeing policy, project management and research.

We provide the following public health and wellbeing services:

  • Strategic planning for healthy communities
  • Governance models for community wellbeing partnerships
  • Social and public health baseline research
  • Health promotion programs and evaluation
  • Workplace wellbeing programs


Healthy Environs has extensive experience in fostering collaboration and managing programs which build resilience and a stronger sense of community. Members of our team have undertaken community and social planning for government and non-government organisations. Our team has delivered community projects across volunteer recruitment, healthy and active living and environmental sustainability.

We provide the following community development services:

  • Community project scoping, development and evaluation
  • Community consultation and partnership facilitation
  • Social, community health and wellbeing research
  • Social development policies, guidelines and funding applications
  • Operational support for community service and community development functions


Healthy Environs has a unique focus on engaging with communities through environmental projects to improve liveability. We offer team members with extensive environmental management experience in the areas of: energy use and climate change, biodiversity, waste management, water conservation, stormwater management and reuse, and green purchasing. We work with the Sustain SA group of consultants to offer comprehensive sustainability services.

We provide the following sustainability services:

  • Environmental management planning
  • Climate change assessment and adaptation
  • Active and sustainable transport
  • Emergency management
  • Integrated sustainability and community wellbeing research