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Partnering for community action in health – does collaborative action pay off?

Improving the health of a target community or group requires a broad focus, so rarely is it going to be just one agency or organisation’s responsibility. It seems there is a lot to be gained from organisations working together on community health projects. Through some of our recent project work, we’ve joined up not for profit groups, health agencies, Councils and corporates to drive activities for local communities.

The term 'wellbeing' — what does it actually mean for public health practice?

Through our work in public health strategy and community health programs, Healthy Environs is increasingly engaging with communities not only about their 'health priorities' but their overall sense of 'wellbeing'. Talking about 'wellness' implies a willingness to engage with people on all aspects of their health — mental and physical. It also enables some flexibility — allowing people to define their own wellness priorities.